Do’s & Donts


  • Obtain pre-authorization from GHPL 3-4 days prior to admission for Elective cases before visiting the NWH.
  • Produce the ID card and obtain pre-authorization letter for availing admission and cashless treatment.
  • In case preauthorization is not obtained by the policy holder from GHPL, ensure that the NWH obtains it prior to admission.
  • Leave back all the original documents and the signed claim form with NWH at the time of discharge.
  • Contact local GHPL office in case of any query.
  • Make the payment to the NWH for the expenditure over and above the eligible limit and for the Non-Reimbursable items under the mediclaim policy.
  • In case of emergency produce the ID card for availing cashless hospitalization from NWH. Ensure that the Pre-Authorization is acquired from GHPL within 24 hours of admission under Emergency.
  • In case of availing treatment at Non NWH, inform GHPL about the admission and forward the complete documents and claim form with signature within 7 days from discharge.
  • In case the policy holder requires treatment in any other part of the country, contact GHPL office for availing information on the network hospital.


  • Don’t insist upon admission for investigations or evaluation purpose.
  • Don’t carry back any original document at the time of discharge from the hospital.
  • Don’t forget to sign on the Claim Form.
  • Don’t insist on planned admission at NWH without obtaining the pre authorization from GHPL.

Note: Expenditure towards Registration / Admission Charges, Attendant Pass, Extra Bed for attendant, Bed retaining charges. Expenses on luxury items like Radio / TV / Air Condition / Laundry / Telephone, Expenses on Vitamins, Tonics, If not related to treatment, sanitary items, special duty nursing fee, food and beverages for attendant, Xerox / certifying charges, vaccination / nutrition and dietics, expenses or spectacles / hearing aids etc., to be paid by the policy holder.