Emergency Admission


For Emergency Admission, show your GHPL ID card, take admission and forward your request letter along with treating Doctors prescription to GHPL, within 24 hours of hospitalization (in the format enclosed).

  • Step 1 Incase of Planned Hospitali­zation at non-network hospital, inform GHPL.
  • Step 2Avail treatment at the hospital and make payment for the entire treatment.

For Emergency Admission, take admission and inform GHPL within 24 hours of hospitalization.

  • Step 3 After discharge submit the following documents to GHPL within 7 days from discharge.
    • Claim form duly signed by the insured
    • Photocopy of your Policy
    • Photocopy of your ID card
    • In case of renewal policy, enclose copy of previous policy.
    • Hospital bills in original.
      For all consolidated amounts, the detailed breakup of the billed amount is required from the hospital.
    • Pharmacy bills accompanied with Doctors prescription.
    • Discharge summary and investigation reports in original.

** Retain a copy of all documents for your records


The member should thoroughly go through the checklist given below before submitting any claim document for processing and reimbursement to GHPL.

The documents should be submitted within 7 Days from date of discharge.