Procedure – Hosptalization in SMH

Planned Admission

  • Step 1 For planned admissions, fax / forward your request letter along with treating Doctors prescription to GHPL, 3-4 days prior to hospitalization in the format enclosed.
  • Step 2 GHPL will issue an Authorization letter for the covered services to the Network Hospital as per the policy terms and conditions.
  • Step 3 Network Hospital extends cashless treatment to the Policy holder for the authorized services (Please produce GHPL ID card to NWH).
  • Step 4 At the time of discharge, verify and sign across the bills and the claim form. Leave all original documents with the Hospital (retain a copy of Discharge summary & Investigation reports for your records).
  • Step 5 For the services that are not covered under the policy, the Policy holder makes the payment to the Network Hospital.